Tapping Play
is a revolutionary and exciting new book for children
created by Debbie Teichmann. 

Tapping Play Creates Your Happy Rainbow Day
is a gift of love for children: 

Love of self
Love of their uniqueness
Love of movement
Love of singing
Love of self expression
Love of positive feelings
Love for life

The daily joy that singing and dancing bring children
is immeasurable and
the emotional benefits
that follow the practice of tapping (EFT)
are the best gifts a parent can give. 

The singing and Tapping help teach children
to love themselves
& be able to verbalize it!

There are 7 songs,
one for each day of the week:
the verses emphasize
positive self-esteem, happy thoughts,
I AM affirmations, joyful expressions
of self-love and happy hugs.

The upbeat songs of love and celebration have no age limit.
They really bring happiness and joy to all age groups – young and old.

Tapping Play
teaches kids to sing and tap,
and utilize the
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
which works like acupressure in aligning energy
and easing emotional distress and anxiety.

This works for all ages,
and it’s great to start children early
so they have a way to deal with upsets.
It’s a tool they’ll use all their lives! 

The wonderful book has just been released
to the public and
comes with a wide assortment of
bonus gifts donated
by Debbie Teichmann’s friends and colleagues.
It’s a great Christmas gift for kids of all ages
– even tots can enjoy and benefit
from this life-changing kit.

Each day, Annabelle, the free-spirited tapping guide,
expertly creates the happy rainbow word of the day.
Franny and Billy proudly guide your child
through the corresponding color-coded
tapping points and song words.

This revolutionary book has just been released to the public and comes with the amazingly wide assortment of bonus gifts shown below and donated
by Debbie Teichmann’s friends and colleagues.
All parents want happiness for their children,
Tapping Play
teaches kids to
Sing and Tap their way to Happiness!

"What a joy to connect with you.
Your Rainbow music is so full of joy!"

~Laura Hollick, award winning artist and shaman
"What an incredible life gift you've given to children!"

~ Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D., Alternative Medicine
"How wonderful to start out life loving oneself and knowing how to perpetuate that feeling for life!"

~ Dr. Christine Ranck, TraumaTherapist, NYC
Meridian or Energy tapping is part of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  Tapping on meridian points can help reinforce our daily positive messages. There is no right or wrong way! Tapping on any point can have benefits and Tapping Play is designed to be fun and carefree. Young children learn from watching and repetition. Singing, dancing, hugging and/or tapping on any point is perfect. Your beautiful little free spirits know what feels good and happy and will create their own technique.
Buy the book and receive dozens of bonus gifts (great for Christmas giving).

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A Big Thank You
Denise Cassino, Launch Coordinator
When you buy the book today,
you can do all your Christmas shopping 
for free with the fabulous
bonuses below!
Rachel L. Neumann
Empowered Parenting Bonus Bundle (Value $611)
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Pet Loss poem from the award-winning audiobook, Journey Through Pet Loss, and Tips for Coping with Pet Loss
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Your child will deeply and completely love creating their happy rainbow day!
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